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Convert your consultancy prospects to clients with this irresistible asset

Jan 24, 2019 3:30:00 PM / by inFund

You've heard it before. It's a never-ending refrain. No matter how good your product, and no matter how good your sales pitch is, you hear your potential client say the dreaded words:

“I really like the services you provide, and I'd really like to take advantage of them, but quite frankly, we can't afford them at this time.” This is typically followed by some refrain saying, something like “please contact us again in a few months/year, etc and we'll happily reconsider. “

As an experienced agency, you shudder a little when you hear this, as you know that unless your client uses your services, they likely won't be around when it comes time to contact them again. This is a common problem for many new businesses. They have a real desire to get their business moving but they have no capital to be able to invest in the resources that they absolutely need to survive and thrive..

Sure you can try the hard-sell and tell them this. However, in more cases than not, this will probably turn-off your potential client, as nobody likes the bearer of bad news. Also, Eeven if you do make the sale out of their limited funds, more often than not they will be working with you on a ‘light-basis’, i.e. a dip our toe in and see mentality. When this happens it’s a poor outcome for both parties. You the agency, understandably can’t dedicate the right resources to make it a success and you end up failing to meet the clients expectations. Or you end up doing a lot of ‘free’ work, as you want to impress the client to forge an ongoing relationship. Either way it’s not a sustainable way to work.

they may not have the operating capital left to be able to handle the rest of their necessary operational expenses, which itself increases their risk of failure. Maybe you got paid, but unless you are one of those “take the money and run” type of operations (and I really hope you are not), this doesn't really help your success in the long run. You can't point to a portfolio that includes failed companies.

The truth is that money is a real issue. If there's not enough, businesses fail, in one way or another. You know this yourself; you need to make this sale, but you and your potential client have reached a stalemate.

So how do you get around this?

The problem arises when you start to see your relationship with your client as a zero-sum game. You've been treating this as a chess match. If you look at this as if your client has a limited amount of money available, and you want to make sure you take it from them before somebody else does, then you may be taking the wrong approach. There don't need to be wins, losses (or draws, where we all lose. Nobody likes draws).

You need to find a way of helping the client understand that they can have it all, that they don't have to trade one thing for another, and lose not only opportunities to succeed., but also put their own business at risk. You can show them that they have access to more funds than they realised.

Almost all businesses depend on investments. They take a loan from a bank, or they make a deal with a third-party for part of their profits. However, that process can take a very long time, and a client may not succeed at gaining the funds they need to purchase your valuable services.

InFund's White Label Solution

Imagine this scenario: you are in a meeting with the potential client. They are suitably impressed with your product. They know they want it and/or need it, but can't figure out how to come up with the money to pay for it.

This is the moment you show them, on your website, a method for getting the money they need, right there at the point of sale. You can walk them through your process, help them gain an easily accessed unsecured loan immediately. Your client (no longer “potential”) can make the decision right there to purchase your product or service.

So how does it work?

With the InFund White Label solution and Partner Program you gain the ability to place a funding web application page directly on your website to provide an easy-to-use interface with your brand. You retain brand continuity with your client and the client can apply right there and then and get a decision in 24 hours.


Here is how it looks on the website of one of our current customers:











The registration form has a similarly professional and user-friendly look:




By using the InFund White Label solution, you avoid working with third-party lenders, who can accidentally sour your sale, either with delays, or denied financing due to potentially misleading historical credit information. Even if the client may have had some spotty credit history, InFund looks at their current credit behavior, so we can say yes when others say no.

As you already know, obtaining new clients is difficult, and not to mention expensive. So even a 10% increase in your sales rate will help you go a long way toward meeting your sales projections. It doesn't take much imagination to see how providing this opportunity for your clients to afford what they need at the moment they are ready to buy would help you reach these targets. By using the White Label funding solution, the entire process becomes frictionless. Your customer gets the satisfaction of having made the right decision, and you just made a new client!


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Written by inFund

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