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An interview with our customer influence agents

Jan 22, 2019 3:34:53 PM / by inFund

We sat down and spoke with influence agents, who are inbound Marketing specialists and asked them about their experience of our white label funding platform.

"Hi Matt, thanks for taking the time to speak with us.
Let’s kick off with a quick intro..."
  • What do you do at Influence Agents?
"We are a mob of mutinous B2B marketers and humble human beings who are hellbent on getting more customers for our B2B clients.
For our clients the biggest struggle is how to be heard by their target audience. In a sea of noise, how do you attract attention, engage in a compelling way, convert that engagement in to high quality sales leads and provide ongoing value to delight customers.
That’s the puzzle that we solve for our clients and we do it by really getting under the bonnet of their business and their target personas. From here we devise a strategic inbound playbook and then we execute that playbook to bring inbound to life for them."
  • What are your biggest challenges as an agency?
"We no doubt share the majority of challenges all agencies face.
Finding new clients and winning new business
We employ our own inbound methodology to source new clients and this comprises using a number of different types of content assets and channels. However, what we have discovered is there are prospects (small businesses) who have the ambition to work with us, but not the financials. This can mean we lose those prospects.
All the hard work has been done, they have bought in to the concept of inbound, they have bought in to us as the right partner to make it happen, yet budgets can delay or kill things. Put simply they say we need to look at budgets and then we can make a decision. However, they go quiet."
Increasing the deal size
"This can be a key one. Many times prospects want to take a try and see approach and this means they want to spend the minimum amount. This makes our lives difficult because we also have to try and deliver maximum value, with minimum investment.
We are able to demonstrate to prospects and existing clients that if they could invest £10,000 in to a campaign, as opposed to £5,000 for example we could generate an additional x% in ROI. However, again it really comes down to the subject of what they have in the budget pot to play with."
Maintaining a healthy cashflow
"This is a simple one, we need to get paid for our services to ensure we can manage our cash flow in a healthy and sustainable way. We can be flexible with clients, by allowing them to pay monthly, yet there are times when we have to try and be too flexible to accommodate the clients budget and this impacts on cash flow."
  • How do you intend to use inFund's white label funding platform to solve your challenges?
Finding new clients
"Whilst we predominantly work with businesses of a size where they have capital to invest in Marketing, it’s a much smaller pool of prospects. As of 2018 there were approx. 5m SMEs in the UK and microbusinesses (less than 10 employees) represent a big proportion of these.
We know from experience and engagement with this audience, that their ambitions to grow our massive. Yet they have so many demands on the business and they only have limited resources. Whether it’s investing in people, their product and services, technology etc… Capital quickly gets swallowed up.
Yet it’s a catch 22, because whilst doing this they need to invest in Marketing in order to generate demand and grow. That’s where the inFund white label platform fits perfectly. We can actively target this audience in the know we have a funding option to allow them to work with us. This business segment is relatively untapped. And we feel we can easily demonstrate that the costs of using the funding are far outweighed by the ROI we can generate for them.
As such, we’re not really selling funding, we’re selling access to our services. Funding is just the vehicle that connects the target business to our services."
Winning new business
"Converting prospects to become a paying customer is one of the biggest challenges of the funnel. We have developed some innovative ways to achieve this, however sometimes it simply boils down to budget.
When the topic of not enough budget arises, our hands are pretty much tied. Now with the inFund white label platform, we can offer a solution at the point of need. So when we have someone who’s genuinely interested in working with us, we can make that happen by securing funding for them."
Proactive account engagement
"We always do our utmost to stay in regular contact with our clients, to maintain a positive relationship and ensure we are front of mind for future projects. However, one of the benefits we see with the inFund is that we can identify where our existing clients have funding available.
Where a client has funding available, we can take the initiative. So for example if we can think of a campaign that would deliver more ROI, we can propose an idea to them, in the know they have the funds available to proceed. This will allow us to show that we are constantly seeking ways to deliver more value for our clients."
  • Why did you decide to use the inFund white label funding platform and why do you like it?
"When inFund first presented the solution to me, it kind of felt like a no brainer. They set up our own branded point of sale finance registration page, which we could host on our website. And it was FREE!"
3 reasons we chose to use the platform

It’s branded as our own
"When we invest time and energy engaging with a prospect, we want continuity with them. If we had to push the funding out to a 3rd party, we would be reliant on that 3rd party managing the process. Using inFund we can direct the prospect to our registration page and we can see the status of an application through the portal."
It’s quick and easy
"This is both for us and our clients. Once we made the decision to use the platform, inFund we’re able to set it up for us without impacting on our time. They were able to use our existing website to create a registration page that has the same brand look and feel.
When our clients want to apply for funding we know they can do so quickly. The application form is simple and there’s no paperwork for our clients to submit. This means it can be completed in minutes and then inFund will make a decision in hours."
It’s a live funding facility and we get paid upfront
"Once a client is set up on the platform we don’t need to go back to inFund if they want to do more work with us. The portal lets us see what funding is available for the client and if we want to work on a new project together, the client can simply draw down the funds. inFund pay us, we deliver the services and inFund bill and collect directly from the client."
  • Why would you recommend it to other agencies?
"All agencies will have their target audience and this is true for us. We know our bread and butter, yet having a sales tool that allows us to tap in to and deliver our services to a wider range of businesses is too good to pass up.
We look forward to using the platform to increase sales and grow our agency.
I think the fact it’s a free tool that is ultimately a value add makes it like I said earlier… a no brainer"

If you would like to experience first hand how our white label funding platform can support the growth ambitions of your agency, request a proof of concept now.

You could have your own branded version set up and ready to use in less than a week.

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