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Nurture those fading prospect relationships with this simple solution

Dec 12, 2018 4:24:15 PM / by inFund

Everything seemed bang on track, The prospect got the emails, downloaded the brochure - and even signed up for your amazing free trial. But then came the moment guaranteed to ruin the day of any B2B marketer: the question of payment options was raised - and that red-hot prospect fizzled out right in front of your eyes…

Sound familiar? For anyone who sells to SMEs, then cash-strapped prospects are pretty much par for the course (something that’s doubly true if you sell to micro-businesses).

It’s not that they aren’t genuinely interested; it’s just that they need to get their finances in order before parting with any cash. So they disappear down a rabbit hole. And whether it’s through distraction - or sheer frustration at trying to secure funding (or a mix of the two), they never quite make it back to you.woman meditating - small

So what if there was a better way? Well, thanks to inFund, there is.

With the inFund white label finance solution, you can offer your prospective buyers a way to access your services, with funds right at the point of need. It’s fast, user-friendly - and it stops business prospects disappearing...

Here’s a closer look at inFund and the benefits it can bring to your business…


inFund: What’s It All About?

  • At inFund, our aim is pretty simple: we want to support the needs of business borrowers by offering them a better way to access unsecured short-term lending. It starts by simplifying the application process and making it more relevant. Using our unique credit assessment approach, we consider a business’ real-time credit information. By doing this we can provide a more attuned assessment of affordability, so that we can say yes, where traditionally lenders would say no.
    However, there’s also a twist. Our finance is delivered as a live credit facility, which empowers businesses to use their approved funds when they need them. Businesses love this because it gives them the power to use finance on their own terms. They make daily repayments to smooth their cash flow and remove the monthly burden of lump sum loan repayments, and they only pay interest on the days they use the funds – no-fee early repayments are widely used by our business clients.  And their facility grows as their business grows, so it’s kind of like an overdraft on steroids.
  • So that’s why we offer a white label facility designed especially for B2B sellers. You are provided with your very own ‘Funding’ website page that looks and feels just like your own website and you can choose how your clients navigate to it and then through it. It is seamless.
  • Your prospects have self-service access to funding right when they need it - and without having to leave your ecosystem.
  • The process is pain-free and user-friendly. The simple registration form takes 30 seconds - and your prospects can get a decision in hours. Applications can be made for unsecured loans from £3,000 to £150,000. 
  • It’s also risk free. We underwrite the risk for the finance given to the prospect. You are paid immediately for your services and we assume responsibility for collecting the repayments from your customer.

Why it’s Good News for Your Business

The buyer journey is already long enough

Evidence suggests that it’s getting even longer. Business buyers spend more time researching purchases, they conduct more detailed ROI analysis, and the number of people involved in a buying decision making is on the increase. In the current uncertain economic climate, it also seems that many businesses are putting off investment & purchasing decisions.  

By placing a workable finance option at the fingertips of your prospects, you remove the trigger that might cause them to go and take a closer look at some of the other buying options in their mix. You also present them with an option which makes it less likely that they will “wait until next year” or “see where we are after the next profits report”.

You increase your value proposition

With an inFund webpage that reflects your branding, you can offer point-of-sale finance to your prospects, removing the need for them to seek financial support elsewhere. So not only does it enhance your ability to convert more prospects to generate additional revenue, importantly, it allows you to deliver continuity of your brand.. The funding solution itself is upfront & fair with no hidden fees. Crucially, it’s also quick: something that will come as welcome relief to prospects who have been bitten previously by lengthy loan application processes with traditional lenders. It shows you understand the needs of business: a great omen for a future long-term relationship!

inFund can be invaluable at supercharging your lead nurturing at the point of sale. To discover more, speak to us today.


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inFund is a loan and credit facility provider supporting SMEs to grow and finance their ambitions.